The Original Bubble House … Yes, They Actually Made and Sold These in the 70s!

Some of you might be familiar with the bubble rooms that were popular last year — clear inflatable rooms you could buy for around 5K and set up in your yard or even camping as a sort of tent. Well, guess what? They actually tried this in the 70s, too. Yes, that era of creativity […]

You’ve Seen Tiny Houses … Now It’s a Tiny Personal Houseboat!

How many people out there, whether you’re interested in prefab houses or you’re part of the tiny house society movement, have thought about ever taking a cruise (is that the right word) in a houseboat? A designer named Marjin Beije might have an option for tiny house shoppers who have access to a plot of […]

rustic cabin rental

Rustic Cabin Rental

Rustic cabins are a natural way to get away from a lot of the city and town-related things you might want to take a break from, and you can get into nature, breathe some fresh air, smell the trees and rain and moss around you, and get some “clean dirt” on you and your clothes. […]

custom built house

Custom Built House Near Yellowstone

This custom house was built for a World Resources Institute board member, Todd and Melissa Thomson, by Dan Joseph Architects. That nature you see surrounding the custom built home is the countryside of near Yellowstone National Park. The custom cabin is called “Headwaters Camp” — the style of it I mean — was recognized by […]

prefab house design

Prefab House Design

This modern prefab house is a multi-story townhouse mini-complex located in West Seattle. It was designed by Chris Pardo Design Elemental Architecture in collaboration with Method Homes, a company specializing in prefabrated houses. The design team seeks to design innovative, iconic buildings, located in dynamic urban environments. This particular set of buildings has caught quite […]

DIY Mini Hot Cocoa Mixers

DIY Mini Hot Cocoa Mixers

This is a simple little Christmas season holiday present or decoration (edible decoration) at home. It’s simple, so I’ll put the directions simply: Materials: – cocoa mix: 1 cup non-fat dry milk powder, 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 cup powdered sugar – jet-puffed mallow bits – mini chocolate chips – test tubes with cork […]

3d textile vessels

Make These Beautiful Cloth Vessels For Your Home and Friends…

Would you like to make 3D cloth vessels like these? This is part of the textile art crafting hobby that has produced a very wide variety of designs and creations. The vessels pictured here are the work of textile artist Jo Hyam, who also does 2D art with cloth, and you can see it’s not […]

Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

These are sweet 100/super sweet 100 tomatoes. The guy who grew them did so in zone 6. “Very easy to find seeds. They are amazingly productive,” said grower Cole3823. For those who don’t know about “zone 6,” the world is separated into¬†different main climates for growing. They are categorized by numbers. I’m in new England […]