Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Re-Use Plastic Bottles as Mini Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

At present, there is a need to do some recycling projects in order to save the planet. Plastic bottles can be easily recycled by simply being resourceful and creative. Creating mini indoor hydroponic gardens is something worth considering, especially now that prices of vegetables are getting high. If you are a salad-lover, then it makes […]

Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

Living Tomato Ripeness Chart

These are sweet 100/super sweet 100 tomatoes. The guy who grew them did so in zone 6. “Very easy to find seeds. They are amazingly productive,” said grower Cole3823. For those who don’t know about “zone 6,” the world is separated into different main climates for growing. They are categorized by numbers. I’m in new England […]

Save Your Citrus Trees With White Paint

Saplings and very young trees are susceptible to damage in ways older, bigger trees are not vulnerable to. An old-time method of dealing with this is shielding trees behind a layer of white paint. Insect damage to trees, sunscald, cracked, damaged bark on the young saplings and trees can all be minimized with white paint. […]

Sustainable Living? This Urban Homestead Produces 6,000lbs of Food Every Year!

Everyone loves the concept of being self-sufficient and being able to cultivate and grow one’s food. However, it is not that simple and easy to have a self-sustaining lifestyle, especially when there are instant and processed foods in every corner of the city. But an inspiring way of living that the Dervaes family is showing to […]

WWI Enemy-killing Gas Now Being Used on Strawberries

Warning: WWI enemy-killing gas now being used on Strawberries

California harvests about 90% of the country’s strawberries and almost all of the crops produced are full of harmful chemicals. Strawberry cultivators have been using chloropicrin, since it is advantageous for yield crops, however its application has increased in recent years as a substitute to methyl bromide. In the year 2008, the US EPA re-permitted chloropicrin as harmless […]

6 Pest Control Tips for Spring

6 Pest Control Tips for Spring – Do It Yourself!

The coming of the spring season will make many homeowners busy preparing for a summer of pest-free dwelling. Yards and gardens must be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of annoying bugs and pests. It is a tedious and undesirable task to be done, but there are some ways to lessen pest swarms. Pests come from outside […]

42 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off

42 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Lemons are considered the all-purpose fruit that are useful not just as a food condiment but for many incredible other uses. The first fact about lemons we’re going to list here is that the’re high in potassium, that can regulate high blood pressure. They can also lessen dizziness and nausea. Here are 41 more uses and […]

How to Grow a Lemon Tree In Your Home

How to Grow a Lemon Tree In Your Home

Did you know that lemons and other citrus fruits are healthy foods? Yes, of course: they are full of nutrients and vitamins. They are also an important ingredient in many health dishes. Why not have them growing in your windowsill? It might be a challenge to grow some citrus plants in your house, but two […]