Railway Tie Garden Wall

Railway Tie Garden Wall

Do you like the look of these railway ties on this garden? It’s a backyard garden, something many people have — you don’t need a huge open space, and they have arranged a load of railway sleepers (these are the crossties used horizontally across the bottom of steel railway tracks, usually half buried in gravel — we […]

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

Chicken coops are increasingly popular. You can’t have a chicken coop everywhere, and it takes some work to maintain one, but you get free eggs. You can share the eggs, too, and even sell them. It’s something you can do at home, and it will make you somewhat self-sufficient. Here’s a guy who build his […]

Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

With one DIY outdoor structure you can build, you can modify it to have three customized rooms. So what this is, basically, is a frame of a room with a frame of a peaked roof and frames of five windows (one on each of three sides of the building and two on each upright side […]


This Beehive Lets You Harvest Honey Automatically Without Disturbing Bees

Stuart and Cedar Anderson, father-and-son beekeepers in Australia, made this excellent ground-breaking invention! This invention allows honey bees to naturally inhale and exhale air while inside their hives. It makes it easy for beekeepers to collect honey directly from the beehives without any interference to the bees inside. This is really a smart invention! It is a […]

foods buy once, regrow forever

Foods to Buy Once and Regrow Forever

Every time we cook our food for our daily meals, we keep on throwing out heaps of vegetable scraps and we end up with full trash bins. But did you know that we can regrow vegetables, fruits and herbs? Imagine how much we can add to our savings from re-growing them, and we can also […]

DIY Composting Techniques

5 DIY Composting Techniques For Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer

Composting is necessary if you want to have rich fertilizer handy for your plants and veggies. It is simple and you can apply these five different methods. It does not matter if you are taking care of a big farm or you just have a little kitchen garden in an urban residence. Composting can be done […]

11 Gardening Secrets

11 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You

Adding mulch to your plants is something to be done with proper timing. When it’s frosting out and you add it to your growing plants, creepy pests will have warm shelter during cold days. Instead add mulch after the first frosting has occurred. Choose vegetables that are loved by the whole family. It makes no sense […]

Japanese Cucumber Molds

Creating beautiful and fun shapes for your fruits and veggies is really awesome! Cucumbers can be easily molded and shaped into a star shape. Make your salad fantastic with this cucumber mold. It is perfect for your parties, get-togethers or simply for your daily salads. Kids will take interest with fun shapes and they will […]