crayon art

Creating Art From Melted Crayons

A How To Article On Melted Crayon Art Having been a crafter all my life, I am constantly browsing Pinterest looking for new ideas to try out. There is no shortage of inspiration within the abundance of articles or “pins” that are present. I most recently stumbled upon ‘Crayon Art’, which I must say I […]

DIY Crochet Swing

DIY Crochet Swing

Would you string up this DIY crochet / macrame swing project? What you would need to make it is: 3 thick dowels around 30 inches long 2 thinner, longer dowels (36 inches) 200 yards of 1/4 inch cord or rope 8 yards of 1/2 inch rope Tools: Drill Measuring tape Scissors For the full details of […]

DIY Christmas bulb hack

DIY Christmas Bulb Hack

This little idea is pretty clever and useful. If you would like to have big round white low-brightness lights strung up around your decor at Christmas, this might be the thing for you. You simply take your regular string of Christmas lights and some ping pong balls. Use a knife to score the holes — […]

DIY paint brush drying contraption

DIY paint brush drying contraption

Paint brushes need cleaning–as all artists and crafters know. And the price of good brushes says we should clean them with care. Here’s a way to really get a good dry after cleaning them, and get more crafts out of your craft supplies. As you can see, its held together by nails. You can use […]

Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

With one DIY outdoor structure you can build, you can modify it to have three customized rooms. So what this is, basically, is a frame of a room with a frame of a peaked roof and frames of five windows (one on each of three sides of the building and two on each upright side […]

wet felt

Make These Wet Felt Coasters

Felt making is a fun hobby for creative hands. You only need a few inexpensive materials. I am sure you have a sushi mat in your kitchen but it is better to get a separate one for your arts. Prepare merino wool top, a bar of Castile soap, soap shavings, tutu fabric, a plastic bottle […]

Mason Jars

10 Creative Projects For Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful and you can repurpose them in a lot of ways. Of course, these classy jars are great for storing candies, sweets and cookies and they are also great for infusing water. Here are some uses that you might have not thought about: Beautiful Flower Jar Who said that mason jars are meant for foodies […]

DIY Composting Techniques

5 DIY Composting Techniques For Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer

Composting is necessary if you want to have rich fertilizer handy for your plants and veggies. It is simple and you can apply these five different methods. It does not matter if you are taking care of a big farm or you just have a little kitchen garden in an urban residence. Composting can be done […]