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crochet pillow

Pinwheel Pillow (free pattern)

There has been much talk recently about pinwheel crochet patterns, so this post will be about crochet pillows that use the pinwheel pattern. Kind of retro crochet? They say everything comes back into fashion again, and they also say good things are always good. Well, I guess they say a lot of things. This crochet […]

crochet bag 3

Crochet Market Bag

A crochet market bag? Most people seem to be trying to cut down on using plastic bags (in some places in Europe, they’ve actually made plastic bags illegal in some stores), and we’re using more cloth bags. Some people forget them every time and have to buy more, some people always have some stuffed in […]

Crochet change purse

Crochet change purse (free pattern)

This change purse crochet project is from Spanish crochet blogger Lanas Y Ovillos, What’s probably most striking about it is the simplicity and just nice look of the purse. Lanas y Ovillos is a Spanish-language site, and the crafter does create tutorials, but they are in her language. However, for this crochet purse, anyway, the […]

Crochet Coin Purse

Crochet Coin Purse (free pattern)

How about these colorful little change purses. These are things you can carry around in your large purse, and they’re a reminder that you can crochet your own things, every day. Also, nice little conversation starters every time you have to pull them out to pay for some small item or a tea or coffee […]


Crochet These Creative Potholders

Potholders are something any crocheter — beginner or advanced — can work on, because they’re small, useful crochet projects for around the home. This idea takes the standard crochet potholder and adds a creative touch — They look like the rounds of food items like oranges, watermelon and lemon. This works great it seems, because […]

crochet shrug

Girly Shrug (free pattern)

This “sassy little” crochet shrug is something you don’t see people wearing every day. You could see how light these would be to carry around though. You could use them with other clothes you already own, shirts and dresses both, to add variety. It will also cover up a little more if you want to […]

knit look crochet cowl

Knit Look Crochet Cowl (free pattern)

Blending crochet hobby with the look of knitted stitches, this knit-look crochet cowl was created by crafter Delia. The photo you see above was created for “scarf week.” Want to make your own? This crochet project is made with a special stitch called a “camel stitch,” which is apparently a good one to know. Delia […]

Diagonal Hatch Slouchy

Diagonal Hatch Slouchy (free pattern)

This crochet beanie project has something unique — a diagonal hatch that gives it a kind of spiral effect. Not your everyday beanie. This DIY crochet toque is one that can be made fast and it’s completely sizeable because of the way its made. That’s because, as Bethany at Whistle and DIY says herself, you […]