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Frayed Knot

Say Hello To Frayed Knot Crochet

Hello friends! Fawn Leach here with EL’S Baby Crochet. I wanted to share a quick little crochet story. When I first started to crochet almost three years ago I had just recently had a baby a few months prior and wanted to make her and my older daughter some hats and ear warmers. Soon after […]

crochet baby blanket

Crochet A Beautiful Baby Chevron

Hello friends, Fawn Leach here with EL’S Baby Crochet. I recently finished this beautiful Chevron Baby Blanket designed by Laurinda Reddig at ReCrochetions for Red Heart Yarns. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated to try the chevron and searched quite a few different patterns before finding this one. The first thing I […]

crochet slippers

Crochet slippers

Crochet slippers are sometimes a winter project, but especially in the cooler climates they can be for any time of year. For crocheter Tanya though, they’re something that make her feel good to make in Fall. She thought of this crochet slipper project in order to “prepare for a little coziness” and give her a […]

Sleep mask (crochet pattern)

Sleep mask (crochet pattern)

A crochet pattern for those who need darkness to get a good sleep. For those of us who have a hard time forgetting how bright it is on the other side of our eyelids, if you’re wanting to take on a small crochet project you can DIY your own solution, and make it custom to […]

New Crochet Ideas

Click on the title to go to the patterns Bath House Spa Crochet Washcloths CROSS HATCH BUTTON-UP COWL CROCHET PATTERN Crochet bag Twine Crochet Bag CROCHET SLEEPING MASK Classic Crochet Baby Booties CROCHET BASKETS FOR FALL CROCHETED SCRUBBIES CROCHET bracelet The Secret Formula for Crochet Balls of Any Size [Free Pattern] more  

New Crochet Ideas

CROCHET PENCIL-SHAPED PENCIL CASES  (click here) CANDY CORN COFFEE COZY CROCHET PATTERN  (click here) Crochet Camel Stitch Cactus  (click here) Crocheted Southwest Tote  (click here) Chunky fingerless gloves  (click here) Chunky Loop Scarf  (click here) MINI WARMERS DIY CROCHETED  (click here) (not in English, but you can use “translate”) Jumbo Puff Stitch Cowl   (click here […]

crab cushion

Big Crab Cushion (crochet pattern)

This is an old crochet pattern — a “Vintage Crochet” pattern, by the looks of it. I’m not exactly sure what “Vintage Crochet” is. It could also be from “Crochet Today,” this free pattern. In any case, the pattern comes to us through several channels. Pinterest blogged about it, and a Spanish site called Crochet In Action […]

Easy Crochet Pillow

Easy Crochet Pillow

If you like crochet quilts — like granny quilts — you will probably like this crochet quilt-inspired pillow, and it’s an easy one to make. Why? Because you’re crocheting several small squares, which are each manageable, and then you’re stitching them together. However, the actual crochet skill level is intermediate, plus a couple more tricky […]