10 Of The Largest North American Migratory Birds

10 Of The Largest North American Migratory Birds

How many can you guess? Here’s some hints: 1. They can be found in both Canada and the States.  In colder months they will often migrate to the Southern States and to Mexico but many have become permanent residents in areas which offer a warmer winter season. When migrating they utilize the infamous V formation […]

crochet cat bed

Crochet Cat Bed (Free Pattern)

This curious cat bed creation is the crochet work of Eilen Tein. How would YOUR cat react to being put in this crafty crochet project? Some of these photos were posted by Dapper Toad, who used the pattern when she finally got a cat — she’d been waiting to use it, she said. Dapper Toad’s […]

How Many of these Dogs can You name?

Name That Dog! How many of these 8 canines can you name? Correctly? Are you sure? Don’t peek at the answers. Test yourself! 1. – they are very muscular. They have a short but thick coat and often the tails are docked. They are working dogs, used most often in the military and with the […]

Canadian Dogs

Name That Canadian Dog!

Can you correctly identify all six of these Canadian breeds? Match the numbers to the correct descriptions. Here are some hints: __A__ Native to Nova Scotia, these duck dogs have made excellent companions for hunters. They enjoy playing in the water but are hardworking when it comes time to hunt waterfowl. Active families who enjoy […]

10 Rare Cats To Cuddle

1. The Ocelot – is a visually appealing wild cat who possesses many distinguishing features which are shared by the typical domestic cat. Beautiful, bright, and shiny eyes gaze at you with their knowing way, looking into your very soul. They are approximately twice the size of your beloved family cat. It has a distinctive […]

DIY dog slip-proof stairs solution

DIY dog slip-proof stairs solution

So here’s the problem: Your dog can’t go down your wooden stairs. The dog’s nails are getting long and your other dog is attacking her while she goes down the stairs. She has no going-down-the-stairs confidence. You have to carry her down the stairs. Solution: Rubber spray adhesive, neoprene, carpet. Sponge Neoprene, 1/8th an inch […]


Bear Breaks into Pie Shop and Devours 38 Pies

A pie store in Pinewood Springs, Colorado had a great story to share with customers about how a gluttonous bear feasted on their pies one Monday night. According to Lehnert, the owner of the pie shop, the bear enjoyed the 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies but did not touch any of the strawberry rhubarb pies. […]

10 Most Expensive Pets

10 Most Expensive Pets

I don’t know many people who don’t like pets or didn’t own a pet in their life. Pets are more than just animals that we take care of, they become a part of the family, and for some people, pets are the only family they have. Over the years, caring for pets has evolved to […]