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argosy 3-quarter view

Freightliner Argosy: They Don’t Make Tractors The Way They Used To!

These huge cabover tractors slash motorhomes are built in Cleveland in the American plant for Freightliner Argosy, which has robotics and the best technology the company has. It was designed in America’s wind-tunnels, too. The four main objectives Argosy set out to accomplish with this design were these, and they show the focus the tractor […]

semi convertible

A Big Rig Convertible!

Taking a break from the large custom luxury RVs and motorhomes for a bit with this post: Everyone knows convertible cars need a heavier frame, right? Otherwise they don’t have the structural support and basically collapse on themselves. But does that go for rigs as well? They’re already pretty tough frame-wise. The photography here is credit to […]

Peterbilt 379: Classic

Now they are making the 579, but the Peterbilt 379 was produced between 1987 and 2007. A twenty year run. It’s known to some as a comfortable semi truck for long hauls. It had/has a Unibilt sleeper cabin. Sixty-three inches of space is in there for standing room. The frame is steel. 250-inch wheelbase. The tires: 22.5 […]

The cabover model from Kenworth -- the Aerodyne (r)

The Aerodyne: The Cabover Model From Kenworth

Aerodyne can only come from aerodynamic. Some people have noted that they are seeing less of these K100 trucks. Owners also note that they can sometimes load more than most because their light weight is lighter. But you have to be careful about the front axle weight.  Another thing to weigh for those considering buying one […]

1969 peterbilt

Look at that! 1969 Peterbilt!

Would you believe this machine comes from way back in 1969? It was recently owned by Wilkins Oklahoma Truck Supply, which is out of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, a city with a population of just a little over 3,000 people. Its a Peterbilt 359. The 358 (288 single drive) was Peterbilt’s first tilt hood. Basically it was a tilt hood […]

back pain

Here are 3 simple exercises to relieve back pain & neck pain

After a tiring day at the office, nothing sounds better than a body massage. If we are experiencing a stiff neck, body and shoulder pain, one of the best ways to alleviate this is to seek a professional body massage. However, it cannot be denied that there are instances that we are too busy with […]

Argosy By Freightliner: It Has Some Amazing Features

Argosy enthusiasts say that this particular truck might be the “safest on the road today.” Have you checked this modern semi truck out? Despite it being a cabover, which many truckers avoid because they don’t like to be so close to the front of the vehicle, it has a lot of built in safety measures, […]

Meant To Be Ugly! Suzuki Hayabusa’s History

Ten years after the launch of the extraordinarily successful Suzuki Hayabusa, the man responsible has finally spoken about its controversial appearance. Koji Yoshiura spoke exclusively to MCN about creating the original 1999 machine, which gained an instant cult following as well as outraging politicians with its near-200 mph capability. Koji Yoshiura said: “The mission was […]