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11 Gardening Secrets

11 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You

Adding mulch to your plants is something to be done with proper timing. When it’s frosting out and you add it to your growing plants, creepy pests will have warm shelter during cold days. Instead add mulch after the first frosting has occurred. Choose vegetables that are loved by the whole family. It makes no sense […]

Japanese Cucumber Molds

Creating beautiful and fun shapes for your fruits and veggies is really awesome! Cucumbers can be easily molded and shaped into a star shape. Make your salad fantastic with this cucumber mold. It is perfect for your parties, get-togethers or simply for your daily salads. Kids will take interest with fun shapes and they will […]

Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Re-Use Plastic Bottles as Mini Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

At present, there is a need to do some recycling projects in order to save the planet. Plastic bottles can be easily recycled by simply being resourceful and creative. Creating mini indoor hydroponic gardens is something worth considering, especially now that prices of vegetables are getting high. If you are a salad-lover, then it makes […]

A Pair Of Socks Becomes This Cute Cat

DIY Sock Kittens – Free Pattern Crafters will really have a fantastic day with this cute DIY Sock Kittens idea! Gather unused small socks from your bedroom’s drawer and you will enjoy making this adorable cat. Crafting a sweet kitten face is a perfect handmade keepsake for your kiddos and for cat-lovers. Making sock animals like […]

DIY Crochet Basket

How to DIY Crochet Rope Basket

There is a lot of random small stuff laying around the house,and it’s pretty messy to just lay it all down on the table or hang it all up in closets. Keeping your stuff stored well keeps it neat and tidy. This DIY crochet rope basket is perfect for organizing small things. This simple DIY will draw your creative […]

Dumpster Diving: DIY Pool Made From a Reclaimed Waste Container

Creating a good dumpster pool is easy and simple and it may be made to look like a luxurious hotel pool by using a waterproof material and by carving some shapes to showcase some classy appeal. Here, experimental designer Stefan Beese creates a case for elegant dumpster pools with ‘The Pool Box,’ a 22×7 foot braced […]

The 9 Amazing Abilities of Cats

The 9 Amazing Abilities of Cats

You will be delighted with how cats are so amazing with their abilities. It’s annoying sometimes to see a cat walking around your newly-trimmed grasses and it’s passing by some tiny pretty flowering plants in your garden. You would want to shoo it away as it might ruin the beauty of the garden. But if […]

All-Natural Mosquito Repellant Mason Jar

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Mason Jar

Having a good time with your family and friends outdoors is really fun and exciting. However, the presence of mosquitoes will ruin your get-together, hence, be prepared with a portable natural mosquito repellent. Experimenting with this easy mosquito repellent mason jar will keep those creepy pests away. Also, you will be enjoying the refreshing aroma of […]