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10 Most Expensive Jewelery Pieces in the World

Wearing jewelry is a long-time fashion that symbolizes the status and wealth of a person, in addition to other functions. The commercial value of jewelry has been treasured throughout time. Here are some of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the world: 10.Briolette Diamond Necklace The distinguished Briolette Diamond Necklace is a magnificent piece that […]

cat wet felting

Great New for Cat Lovers – Wet Felting

Great news for momo-lovers for it’s time for momo wet felt making. Creating a kitty with wet felt is absolutely awesome! Crafty minded will enjoy this and will really have fun! Definitely, it is adorable even for those who have no interest in cats! Make use of a felting wool with two different colors. Orange […]

wet felt

Make These Wet Felt Coasters

Felt making is a fun hobby for creative hands. You only need a few inexpensive materials. I am sure you have a sushi mat in your kitchen but it is better to get a separate one for your arts. Prepare merino wool top, a bar of Castile soap, soap shavings, tutu fabric, a plastic bottle […]


Bear Breaks into Pie Shop and Devours 38 Pies

A pie store in Pinewood Springs, Colorado had a great story to share with customers about how a gluttonous bear feasted on their pies one Monday night. According to Lehnert, the owner of the pie shop, the bear enjoyed the 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies but did not touch any of the strawberry rhubarb pies. […]


This Beehive Lets You Harvest Honey Automatically Without Disturbing Bees

Stuart and Cedar Anderson, father-and-son beekeepers in Australia, made this excellent ground-breaking invention! This invention allows honey bees to naturally inhale and exhale air while inside their hives. It makes it easy for beekeepers to collect honey directly from the beehives without any interference to the bees inside. This is really a smart invention! It is a […]

foods buy once, regrow forever

Foods to Buy Once and Regrow Forever

Every time we cook our food for our daily meals, we keep on throwing out heaps of vegetable scraps and we end up with full trash bins. But did you know that we can regrow vegetables, fruits and herbs? Imagine how much we can add to our savings from re-growing them, and we can also […]

Mason Jars

10 Creative Projects For Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful and you can repurpose them in a lot of ways. Of course, these classy jars are great for storing candies, sweets and cookies and they are also great for infusing water. Here are some uses that you might have not thought about: Beautiful Flower Jar Who said that mason jars are meant for foodies […]

DIY Composting Techniques

5 DIY Composting Techniques For Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer

Composting is necessary if you want to have rich fertilizer handy for your plants and veggies. It is simple and you can apply these five different methods. It does not matter if you are taking care of a big farm or you just have a little kitchen garden in an urban residence. Composting can be done […]