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Linda Allen

I still remember my first piece of written words. There was a contest for someone to write a speech. I was in fourth grade and won. There was only one problem I was extremely shy and spoke in a whisper. Everything worked out though someone else gave the speech. Since I was shy, writing was another way of me expressing myself without speaking. Although my shyness has decrease and my writing has increased. And I have found through my life skills...our passions for creating our lives starts at a very young age. One might say it is embedded into us. Of course we remain the person in charge deciding what that means. I am no different. My creative juices were enhanced by my mother, who was a great painter. I was unable to achieve the level of greatest like her for painting. I discovered the keys of the computer were the colors of the words and writing stories of life which surrounds all of us were the painting. I consider myself an inspirational writer, drawing people where in some sense one might say; "to stop and smell the roses," I instead through writing use words for them; "to stop and embrace the life around them." I write newsletters, blogs for companies as well as publishing inspirational stories.


Death and Dying…

I was watching the news at lunch today. There was a man on the TV set who was giving his opinion. Some reason I felt as though he was judging the actions of a situation I am sure he had no knowledge to do so. I suddenly was reminded of something I had heard earlier […]

RDA and Health

I have often wondered what exactly RDA means concerning health. Who developed it and when was it first developed? This post is for those like me who did not know it was developed for several reasons: There were three persons who developed RDA during World War II. The reason it was developed was due to “national defense.” […]

How Important Is Omega-3 To The Brain?

Our bodies definitely have a specific way of functioning, and there are certain elements needed for it to function healthy. I am always amazed at the articles that are written about Omega-3. I consider in some sense it to be on the level of requirement in our everyday lives. I am aware of the cardiovascular […]


Enzymes… Are They Important?

I can remember when I could eat almost anything without having indigestion. I do not remember changing anything to cause it. I only grew older…humbug. So how does this all work? Most of us understand the concept of chewing food and salivary gland secreted together in order for the food to be broken down into […]

refugee woman

What Is Right?

“Immigrants and refugees,” even reading the words can bring tightness in some people’s stomach. There are so many argumentative opinions on what should be done. How do you decide what is right for anyone’s life? Maybe that is the question we should be asking. I turn on the TV in the morning all I hear […]

The “Chuck’s Pill”

I have a friend who I have known for over twenty years. Our relationship has grown from us being involved to partners in business to living four thousand miles apart. We don’t talk much; in fact our communications went from  him sending me a “hope everything goes well” email to virtually nil. Our relationship one could […]

A Leap of Faith

I was looking out my window this evening watching the sunset. The colors are always magnificent; with a variety of blue’s, oranges and reds. There are times when looking at the sunset it as though the colors are bursting out from earth, shooting into the sky before saying, “Goodnight.” I am not one that thinks […]

What Happened to Principles?

What happened to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s idea of securing the elderly through contributory annuities? He had three concepts; shelter, livelihood, and security for people’s future. The New Deal plan was to be based on these concepts.   The Social Security was to be a volunteer basis. States and the Federal government together were to set-up plans […]