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Future Truck

How would you like to try a long haul using this future truck?

When it comes to future trucking, we probably don’t know what’s in store for the highways at all. We can guess and look at various future truck designs, and some are smooth and streamlined like this one, some are boxy and showy, some are just slightly modified extensions of what owner-operators and drivers are using […]

Future Truck with some Unusual Features

This future concept transport truck has several interesting features not currently being used anywhere in the trucking industry. It’s a design by Chinese vehicle designer Haishan Deng, and it’s being called the “Bionic Chameleon Concept” truck. So what’s unique about this future truck? Can these ideas help owner-operators and drivers get the job done? Besides […]

Scania R620 V8 Longline ext

Scania Cabover

So owner-operators and other truckers sometimes get curious about how things are going on the other continents, so lets take a look at Scania trucks over in Europe for a white. This one’s a Scania cabover R620 v8 Longline STH. It started to get attention a couple of years ago at the Truckstar festival, it […]

presidents rv (

What Kind of Motorhome Does the President Use?

How many of you have taken a look at the armored motorhomes used by the President? There are a lot of high quality luxury RVs and motorhomes out there, but what about when you consider the special requirements of a head of state? Probably not something you’d find on a “local RVs and motorhomes for […]

Custom Semi Tractor Style

This custom Pete has caught our attention again and again, and finally I had to search it out and write about it. It’s a 2009 Peterbilt 389 tri-axle, and the guy who pointed us toward this great truck is a member of the Facebook page, John McCabe. The owner-operator of this truck, heavy hauler Randy […]

scania longline

Custom Scania Longline

This is a Scania R5000 Longline called by its owner “Larod Akeri.” It’s been making its rounds at custom truck shows for a few years. The truck is a 2009. I think it used to be employed by Roland Stinger Transport, but since then they’ve changed the appearance in a custom way (the colors seem […]

Big Wrecker Trucks!

Well, it looks like there is some competition for the title of “biggest wrecker.” No matter what, these are some great tow trucks. First off, this all started out with a big yellow wrecker out of Freetown, Massechusetts. The owners call it “Big Wheels.” Here’s a write up on it: “Big Yellow Wrecker.” According to […]

Giant Trucker Retirement Plan Motorhome

Approaching this big luxury motor home from the back, you might think you’re coming up on a burgundy Greyhound bus or a big luxury Prevost mobile, but then you’d see those stacks sticking up and that long nose at the front, and finally that Pete symbol. The trucker retirement package here,¬†or for the trucker who […]