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classic cabover

Classic Cabover

Here’s a classic cabover that came up on the trucks for sale lists recently and caught our attention. It’s a 79 Peterbilt with a small cam Cummins 350 horsepower engine and a 13-speed. It’s a 352. At the time — 1979 — tilt cabs had only been around for 20 years. Now they seem like […]

Giant Studio Sleeper on this One

This huge studio sleeper conversion conventional is one you might have seen … everywhere. It’s gone viral quite a few times, but I hadn’t seen any information on the truck itself until recently. Hopefully, after we post it on social media, you guys’ll all let us know even more about it, and we’ll update this […]

The Original Bubble House … Yes, They Actually Made and Sold These in the 70s!

Some of you might be familiar with the bubble rooms that were popular last year — clear inflatable rooms you could buy for around 5K and set up in your yard or even camping as a sort of tent. Well, guess what? They actually tried this in the 70s, too. Yes, that era of creativity […]

You’ve Seen Tiny Houses … Now It’s a Tiny Personal Houseboat!

How many people out there, whether you’re interested in prefab houses or you’re part of the tiny house society movement, have thought about ever taking a cruise (is that the right word) in a houseboat? A designer named Marjin Beije might have an option for tiny house shoppers who have access to a plot of […]

Stylish Future Trucks

This future truck concept has some style, it’s called the Ivenco concept truck, and its a Grabcad design by Ivan Tarantini, and it got a good amount of appreciation from the designers on Grabcad. “It could be the truck of the future,” stated the future┬ásemi tractor┬ádesigner about this model. The truck design was also picked […]

This Truck Has A Huge Load

Truckers, how would you write this one up? Although it might be a little difficult to get away with something like this big overloaded trailer in North America, apparently in some parts of Asia it’s possible. Did you count those trucks stacked on that trailer? And how many are hanging over the back? This is […]

Everything Comes Via Trucks

Got time to do the math on how many wheels there are on this oversize load tractor-trailer moving along the highway? Everything or pretty near everything comes by way of trucks, even trains. And by the way, truckers out there, if you want to read more about trains, you can visit RailPictures (click here), where […]

road train

Gettin er done!

What we have here, truckers, is a small Australian road train crossing the Daly River in the Northern Territory. Those three trailers behind that Aussie tractor: for picking up cattle to take to market, and it was taken by Ask An Aussie Farmer, a very interesting and valuable initiative undertake by a group of real […]