Big Tough Looking Motorhome

This big RV motorhome came up for sale recently. I hadn’t seen one like it before, so I though I’d share it with you all. It’s called a “Cobra Toterhome.” It’s a 2003 Cobra, and the seller was in Michigan when it was up for sale a couple months ago. That chassis for the toterhome […]

This Big Luxury Motorhome Comes with a Car Inside It

Opinion poll: What does everyone think of these big toterhome / tiny car combo units? I’ve been seeing these big toterhome RVs with garages where the owners put small driving cars (inside the motorhome!) quite a bit. I don’t know how old this trend is, but I haven’t seen any photos of it from before […]

presidents rv (

What Kind of Motorhome Does the President Use?

How many of you have taken a look at the armored motorhomes used by the President? There are a lot of high quality luxury RVs and motorhomes out there, but what about when you consider the special requirements of a head of state? Probably not something you’d find on a “local RVs and motorhomes for […]

Giant Trucker Retirement Plan Motorhome

Approaching this big luxury motor home from the back, you might think you’re coming up on a burgundy Greyhound bus or a big luxury Prevost mobile, but then you’d see those stacks sticking up and that long nose at the front, and finally that Pete symbol. The trucker retirement package here, or for the trucker who […]

Wow! Take a Look at THIS Motorhome

How about this luxury motorhome? It’s a Peterbilt-base diesel puller that was spotted at a U.S. Diesel National Truck Show by photographer Jack Byrnes Hill, who does a lot of work with vehicles — semi trucks, race cars, classic cars, you name it. How would you like to have a big luxury motorhome like this […]

Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into a Class 1 Motorhome!

The Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into Class A Motorhome!

So, you think you have a Motorhome? Well, (to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee), THIS is a MOTORHOME!… Or so says the owner. Notice how the sides round off? Kind of unusual, given that most trailers feature a somewhat boxy look. Also, the owner says that this unit is fun to drive. This is one of the origin-style Kingsley Coaches, […]


Introducing the Dynamax Force Motorhome

Introducing a smaller luxury RV motorhome, a Dynamax Force 37FBH that came up on the RVs for sale sites recently. This one in the picture is a 2015 model. It’s powered by a Cummins 340 horsepower and has 700 pounds of torque. Some differences between this unit — a super C — and a class […]

diesel pusher

Luxury Diesel Pusher Motorhome

This Class A diesel motorhome is a big one. A 2015 Tiffin Motorhome’s vehicle that came up on the market a while ago. The actual model of this motorhome is a 37AP. This type of big class A is perhaps most suited to those who have quite a bit of extra money and want to […]